Milky Valentine


Lying cosy in my arms, eyes gazing into mine,

Love flowing from my breast as peacefully you dine,

On milk made from kisses, Mother Nature’s sweet design.

Connecting in these moments, hearts and souls align.

Blissfully I fall in love with my Milky Valentine.


Golden Boobies


Golden Boobies

You’ve really done it Mama!

Your nursling just turned one!

You’ve breastfed your baby,

For one full trip around the sun!

It’s really quite amazing.

Would you ever have believed,

In those crazy, hazy first few weeks,

Just what you’ve now achieved?

Cos you’ve earned your


For making it to a year.

Congratulations, celebrate!

Maybe even shed a happy tear.

‘Cos we know it wasn’t easy,

You were determined and so strong.

But the rewards are truly special,

With effects that are lifelong.

So enjoy this awesome milestone,

With milky snuggles, cake and more,

Knowing your baby’s one of the lucky few,

Whatever next year has in store!

“Fed Is Best”


“Fed Is Best”

“Fed is best” you say, but see, I have to disagree.
I’m calling BS on that crap, so listen up and see.
First thing’s first let’s clarify, all babies need to be fed.
Fed is the absolute minimum or else they end up dead…

So is breast best? Well no again, I’m sorry to confuse,
But humans feeding humans isn’t extra, best or news.
Now that’s clear remember, all mums are free to choose,
But when the facts are bought and sold for profit we all lose.

Breastfeeding is unique and there’s really nothing like it.
Formula has its place of course, I’m not here to deny it.
Information is the key to this, open, honest, black and white.
So let’s get real, fund real support, stop saying it’s alright.

‘Cos fed is NOT best! Never was and now that we know better,
It’s not mothers but our governments who should be under pressure.
If nothing else remember this; INFORMED is always best.
The choice is yours, when you’re informed of risks and all the rest.

Informed is best, breast’s the norm and fed is fundamental.
How you feel is personal but facts are not judgemental.

Mothers Day


They tell me it’s a special day for mummies everywhere,

But mum it mustn’t feel like that while I’m in special care.

You needn’t worry mummy that things right now are tough,

‘cos all the love you’ve given me is already more than enough,

to get us through this battle, the good days and the bad,

think of all the hugs to come, all the cuddles to be had.

I know it’s hard to leave me and I know you’d choose to stay

but your love surrounds me always, all night and every day.

I promise I’m not sad or lonely, I’m just biding my time

until you can bring me with you to the home that is all mine.

So when things are going backwards and it all feels so wrong

remember what you’ve given me and that you’ve made me strong.

I knew what I was doing, I have your brains too you see

So when we were choosing mummies, I knew you were PERFECT for me!”

Happy mother’s day.



New motherhood was looming and I thought I knew it all,

I’d breathe and pant and push just right after bouncing on my ball.

Instead a surgeon’s knife was called when my induction failed.

A perfect baby boy was born though my birth plans were derailed.


Finally they placed him on my chest, under my gown.

And though the golden hour had passed, with help, my breast he found.

So grateful I could feed him, at least I could do that.

Exhausted, sore and stapled, legs laid numb and flat.


I fed him and I loved him but it never was quite right

My nipples bled and up and down I’d pace the hall at night.

Turns out I really didn’t know what was normal, who to call.

All too soon I doubted if I could make enough milk at all.


It wasn’t getting easier, “What’s happened to his sleep?”

Without support, I just assumed he wasn’t getting enough to eat.

Everyone agreed of course. “You’ve done enough” they said.

“You’ve earned a break.” “It’ll be alright.” “It only matters that he’s fed.”


So despite the guilt already creeping in my mind,

I searched the shelves of powder for the “Hungry Baby” kind.

Life moved along. “It’s for the best.” I’d often tell myself.

Though secretly I felt ashamed, like I had failed the test.


Now motherhood’s no longer new and each baby taught me more.

How every journey is unique like every one before.

And looking back it’s clear to me that they were wrong to say,

That how I chose to feed them didn’t matter anyway.


Because breastfeeding matters! Of this there is no doubt.

Of course it does or why else would that voice inside us shout.

I’ve also learned that I was wrong to feel either guilt or shame

I was failed. I did not fail….I was not to blame!


I should have been supported, informed and made aware

Of how baby’s only happy when mummy is right there.

Told how nights are easier when mum and babe co-sleeps,

Of feeds that come in clusters and growth that comes in leaps.


Though I grieve what might’ve been I’ve made my peace and know

I did the best that I could do, learning’s how we grow.

Information isn’t pressure. Mums deserve the truth, cos when

You know better, you do better when you get the chance again.


Breastfeeding should be valued as the gift it is to all.

We need to move past talk of guilt and help heal wounds still raw.

I can’t change what happened but I can help the next mum,

To listen to her instincts, to succeed and overcome.


All Mothers deserve better and it’s time we made demands

Better births and fairer treatment, health care that understands

Bottles aren’t the only answer. Breastfeeding works when it is seen

As a skill that’s worth investing in and when we’re all on the same team.

My Support Group 

My Support Group 

For BFNI. 
When it feels like no one else gets it, 

You’re the group who knows how it feels. 
When it seems all around me are judging, 

Here at least I don’t need to conceal. 
You share in my joy at each milestone, 

Send virtual hugs when it’s hard. 
No matter the day or the hour, 

Here I know I can let down my guard. 
To you I can admit when I struggle, 

And be proud without fear I’ll seem smug. 
This group is a haven, a safe space, 

Where support is a powerful drug. 
Each triumph is celebrated together, 

With others who truly understand. 
So I’ll keep sharing my journey, 

If you all keep holding my hand.