You Know You’re Nursing a Toddler When…


You know you’re nursing a toddler when…

your heart’s so full of joy,

as you watch your nursling, once a baby,

grow into a little girl or boy.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

you’re feeding them in bed,

but they’re upside down, their bums in the place,

where really you’d like their head.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

there’s barely room on your lap,

for your big, brave explorer who’s not too big

for a nurse before his nap.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

her hair’s full of ribbons and bows,

but your sweet little angel likes to nurse,

with her finger stuck up your nose.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

they twist and squirm and wriggle,

which wouldn’t be so bad I suppose,

if they’d only let go of your nipple.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

feeding time means new dangers.

The toes heading for your face these days,

are wrapped in flashing trainers.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

there are times you’d rather not.

Perhaps you’re too busy or you’re in a new dress,

and your kid’s all covered in snot.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

they want to be just like mum.

Hungry toys and dolls get clutched to their chests,

and im just talking about my son!


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

they’re dressed up to make you scream,

but little monsters need nursed too,

even though it’s not Hallowe’en.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

teddy must have a boob too,

and if they’re feeling particularly generous,

you’ll have to nurse the whole darn zoo.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

they think you’re the greatest because,

their mummy’s milk is the most delicious.

I once got a round of applause.


You know you’re nursing a toddler when

they’re asleep you say hurrah,

you grab your pyjamas, take of your top,

and lego falls out of your bra.


So to all you mamas nursing toddlers,

remember one day they will be done,

and you can partly thank your marvelous  milk,

for the great grown-up they’ll surely become.


I’d love to hear your toddler nursing stories,  feel free to share them in the comments 🙂

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  1. My heart is not full of joy when I nurse my toddler, who used to be a baby but is now a little girl. Bittersweet describes it best. I miss my baby and sometimes I wish we could run off to Neverland. Sigh. Why do they grow up so fast?

    • Oh Sarah I can completely relate and there was a draft verse with bittersweet in it … but i decided to keep this one purely fun 🙂 I spilled my bittersweet feelings in “A mama’s promise” lol. Give your little girl a cuddle !! x

  2. lol this is so funny, it’s bought a tear to my eye hahaha, of course I’m sat here, nursing my 20 month old as I read it, amazingly she’s facing the ‘right’ direction for a change, and I have no bum in my face, which is always good.

    Can I copy the poem into a status on Facebook please? I love it so much and some of my friends will really relate it to my daughter lol

  3. You know you’re nursing a toddler when

    they twist and squirm and wriggle,

    which wouldn’t be so bad I suppose,

    if they’d only let go of your nipple.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this…. and stuff in your bra! Thats one of the parts of motherhood that nobody tells you lol. Nursing acrobatics, Kealan likes to try and go 360 to show off to shane….but he doesnt like to share his milk…lol wonder what he’d be like if I had another! Brilliant poem Grainne, so true and funny 🙂 xxx

  4. awesome! I find nursing a toddler entertaining and sometimes frustrating. the squirming gets to me mostly, and he also likes to hold on to the other nipple and squeeze. *cringe* The bum up in the air one really hit home with me.

  5. I am cringing at the holding the other nipple and squeezing part btw not the bum up in the air I find that entertaining.

  6. I love it! I remember my son nursing with his finger in his nose…my daughter hasn’t discovered that yet but she’s got plenty of time as she’s only 11 months old.

  7. thank you thank you for this post – I just finished nursing my 3 and a half year old little girl… so glad I stuck it out

  8. I related to every stanza! It brought back so many sweet memories of nursing my toddlers (one till age 4) and now they are nursing their own toddlers.

  9. My best toddler nursing story is my two year old having his ‘before bed’ feed. I pulled down my top and he went “Ooooooo!!! Boobieeeeeee!!! Yum!!!” I’m trying to change this to “Ooo milk” after he tried to pull MY mum’s top down saying “Ooo boobie!” She found it funny thankfully but I imagine other people may not!

      • Love your poem, cause I can fully relate to most of it. My daughter is 15 months old and has really been perfecting her acrobatics with something I’ll call the tootsie roll, where she rolls back and forth on my belly (I’m on my back) with my nipple in her mouth – youch!

        We say ‘milk’ and do the ASL sign cause I dear friend warned me about ‘booby’ call-outs. But my 15 month old daughter has taken to trying to pull down my shirt, or unzipping zips to gain access.

        My favorite thing about nursing a toddler is when I pull my boob out and she smiles and laughs knowing she’s going to get a good thing – just waiting for the hands to be wrung together and the evil laugh.

        It is also pretty funny when she stops in the middle of nursing, examines it, then pinches my nipple to squirt herself on purpose.

        Thanks for your honesty and straightforward humor

      • Thank you Juliet, its amazing my daughter is exactly that age and i too am familiar with the ‘tootsie roll’ we just didn’t have a name for it until now 🙂 im not a fan lol And i can hear her crazy little “here comes the milk” laugh in my head as you describe the hand wringing :)) She hasn’t figured out the squirt technique yet i wonder will that be her next trick? Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

  10. I’m not yet nursing a toddler, and planned one weaning at a year. This post made me tear up though, and made me think I could go a little longer!

    • Thank you Lacey, I never ever thought i would breastfeed past 6 months, and didnt manage it with my first. I had much more information second time round and luckily found my ‘on-line tribe’ for support and couldnt be happier with my decision to nurse for as long as she’d like. I am grateful you shared your response, it means more than you know. x

  11. Aaaah that is absolutely one of the best poems i have ever laid my eyes on…Every single line is right on spot – but also for me especially the grabbing the other nibble part 🙂 Ha ha ha, when my son twists my nipple sometimes…Oh oh oh ! How old is your little girl ? My little boy is soon 3. Thank you for a wonderful blog-only wish i found it looong time ago(but better late than never !) ith love mrs Twisted nipple Mirja 🙂

    • Oh Mrs. T. N. Mirja, that made me laugh!! My nursling is 15 months now and we hope to continue until shes ready to stop. I also have a little boy nearly 3 :)) (unfortunately not nursing) I have a few fabulous friends with toddler stories too so had a wealth of material 🙂 Lovely to hear that you like what i write.

  12. My son will be 3 in a few days and one of our most adorable memories was him nursing on my left side and suddenly he stopped, looked at my husband and patted my breast, saying “This one empty!” Then he patted the other side and with a look of delight, he said “That one full!!! My drinkie!!” before launching himself towards my right breast…. that was about a year ago, when he just started to learn about the difference between full and empty. 🙂

  13. Oh so sweet, tears come into my eyes when I think of loosing all of this, and only memories will be left of this beautifull nursing journey . My little big girl is almost 5 yeras old, and still (yeah this is STILL) an avid nurseling. She love my milk more than anything in the world (and is not shy to tell everybody how good it is :-)) Love your poem, and recognize all of it (except for the snotty part.. lol)

  14. Love your poem and I can relate to all of it! My current nursling is not quite 2 but she has recently noticed that one side has more milk than the other, it cracks me up because she’s named that side “big nurse” and the other side is just “more nurse”. Also if you ask her why she wants to nurse she now says “cuz, I like it nurse”. U had such a hard time with my first that I never thought I would love nursing a toddler so much. I always thought I would wean at a year, but now I know I’ll quit when she wants to and not before 🙂

  15. LOL relate to it all. Yes finger is up mommys nose! Also they like to give dental exams. How about that cute laugh or smile or inquisitive look while maintaining nipple in mouth. I call opposite side nipple pinching “turning up the volume” How about when the kid takes some food out of his mouth because it was interfering with the latch. How about when you just want to roll over and sleep on your stomach and they somehow managed to get the boobie out. Here’s one tandom nursing infant and toddler one sleeping on each side mommy tired half in and out of sleep lulled by the rhythmic sucking of baby. But wait some one is crying – open eyes – Oh no – I’m nursing the wrong child ! It’s the 3 yr old and baby is hungry We call them nappies nursed 4 kids between 2-4 yrs old each

    • lol ‘nursing the wrong child’ thank you for that, really made me giggle. If i am lucky enough to tandem feed in the future i’m sure that would be a whole poem in itself. You are inspiring, thank you for sharing. x

  16. I love this poem! Am now nursing a 15 month toddler..she loves to play with my other nipple while nursing or put her finger in my nose or sometimes poke my eye! It annoys me sometimes but these things are what makes nursing memorable..not all mommies experience the all the “fun” we go through! LOL

  17. Great poem! So right on. Tandem nursing my sons (3 years apart) was often so lovely as they would hold hands, laugh, smile at each other. In the middle of one night while nursing the young one, I lifted my shirt to feed him and my over producing breast actually shot a stream of milk into my yawning mouth. Crazy! When our third came along when the middle was 3 1/2, I was hoping they would tandem nurse too, but he was finished…Thanks for the beautiful poem.

  18. I loved this; thanks! Totally agree with all the squirming and finding stuff in my bra. My toddler prefers to nurse standing up, so when we are sitting down she is latched and trying to stand with her bum up in the air. So funny. Every night I find crumbs in my bra, sometimes it’s a good little snack, like a whole dried apricot! Mmmm 🙂

  19. I love this! it’s all so so true, and you’ve really captured the joy of it 🙂 As others have said, it has its bittersweet moments too, but I’m so happy I’m managing to keep feeding, and this is a great reminder of all the good reasons. Thank you!

  20. Loved nursing and co-sleeping with my girls (24, 20, 14) even tho I had to tell white lies about most of it so long ago. One funny memory…having a couple cows and teaching animal noises one afternoon, my eldest, a toddler then, was nursing, and tucked around me, when she grabs my side and its extra bits of mommy softness, stops nursing to say, “MOO!” I laughed so hard her head was bobbing up and down as she went back to nursing! The strange looks she gave me made me laugh harder and harder while she stayed attached heading bobbing!!! I knew it was innocent, but I thought, geez, I guess I had better lose a few pounds! 🙂

    • I honestly dont know if i would have had the strength to follow my instincts if i’d had to hide it. I do wonder what i would do without the internet sometimes the support i found on-line was what got me here. The image of your daughter putting her lesson into practise is priceless! thank you for such a funny and unique memory …and for the term ‘mommy softness’ which i love 😉

  21. Hi,

    I’m writing my Naming Ceremony script for my second son who is 14 months old; would you mind if I put this poem in the script. Corbin does all of these things, and more, I especially love it when he comes off to “chat” away about something or tries to chat whilst suckling! None of my family brestfed their children for this long and I think your poem might help them understand my decision a bit more. 🙂

    • Heather, I’d be honoured if my poem was included in your baby’s ceremony !! It would make my day to know that in some small way what I write could change attitudes even a little. I hope you have a lovely day, im sure the ceremony will be beautiful. X

    • Also Heather check out “A Mama’s Promise” which deals with the issue of extended or full term breastfeeding (you can easily change the pink shoes to blue ones :P) And is my personal favourite. X

  22. When my 16-month-old starts doing his acrobatics while still attached, usually accompanied by unabashed utterances of pure pleasure, it can be a bit embarrassing. My husband calls it Extreme Nursing.

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