Bedtime Baby


Bedtime Baby

(a ‘Lullabooby’ for mothers who nurse their babies to sleep)


Softly…. quietly….. gently we begin,

“It’s time to nurse, my baby,” I sing.

Your mouth opens wide, I soon hear you swallow,

You’re drifting to dreamland, I’m tempted to follow.

Blissfully we sit, wrapped up in each other,

Connected, in sync; baby and mother.


Your eyelids hang heavy, each blink longer and longer,

Breastfeeding helps keep our bond growing stronger.

At nap-times and night-times, I nurse you to sleep,

Mother Nature’s own recipe, for sleep, peaceful and deep.

I lose track of time and of my thoughts sometimes too,

Mulling over the day, listing what’s left to do.


Your breathing grows softer, your hands lose their grip,

Contentment, your expression, as out from under you I slip.

Your beauty is multiplied by stillness and shadow,

My mind takes a snapshot,  such perfection is hallowed.

I whisper ” I love you”, touch my lips to your forehead,

Our sleepy-time ritual, no tantrums or tears shed.


You’re alone only briefly, I’m back with you soon,

Together we sleep, dreaming under one moon.

Soothed by security, it’s goodnight, sleep tight,

You hold no anxiety for darkness or night,

I’m there when you need me, you nurse when you may,

Until sun through the curtains melts the night into day.



(Please feel free to share your own feelings or memories of nursing your little ones to sleep in the comments below).


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    • Thanks Kara i’m really glad you liked it ! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world was filled with beautiful, positive imagery of breastfeeding (and i can’t paint so this is my contribution 😀
      )! x

  1. Brought tears to my eyes! My daughter is 16 months old and just slept through the night last night…and it made me so sad. I know eventually our nursing will just be a wonderful memory. But I want to procrastinate as long as I can.

    • Thank you so much Miriam, and no none have been published. I’d love to think that maybe one day i’d see them in print. For the moment i’ll keep adding to my little collection.

  2. Oh i just love your poem.😍 My 3 and a half year old is fast asleep and 110% content! I can guarantee his daily nap and night sleep, even soothing and injury because he is still nursing. What a wonderful gift we have been given 😊 Thank you for putting your thoughts into verse.

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