More Than Milk.


More Than Milk.

Breastfeeding is so much more than milk,

Warm and sweet and flowing like silk.

Each drop is pure, love wrapped up in a hug,

So whether human, calf, kitten or cub,

Every baby needs to feed from it’s mother,

And she, in turn, needs them like no other.


It’s more than convenient, free and delicious.

It’s adaptive, protective and uniquely nutritious.

It’s more than ingredients in a list.

The truth is ‘not breastfeeding’ carries a risk!

The intricate secrets of our own liquid gold,

Are only just beginning to truly unfold.


It’s more than just some fancy words.

It’s more than the ‘benefits’ that you’ve heard.

It’s got Human Growth Hormone and IQ enhancers,

Super stem cells and cells that fight cancer.

But it’s ALL and so much more than these,

It’s a mothers love; given freely and taken with ease.


It’s not just about hunger or about thirst,

For a soul is fed too when a baby is nursed.

Within this act of instinctual, maternal emotion,

Is an expression of love, of trust and devotion.

All babies are born expecting their comfort and rest,

Be found in mother’s arms and at mother’s breast.


It’s more than we know and more than we think.

Breastmilk’s not just a food, it’s not only a drink.

It’s the building blocks of life that’s new.

It’s a bond, a connection, it’s relationship glue.

It’s the power to heal a hurt or a tantrum to tame.

The power to calm the mind and soothe away pain.


Breastfeeding is so much more than the sum of its parts,

 It will nurture and nourish you both and tug at your hearts.



I love to hear your comments or thoughts, so feel free to share your favourite thing about breastfeeding or breastmilk in the comments below. x

16 responses »

    • Thank you so much Theresa, and you have my permission to use the poem, thank you for asking. I would appreciate a link back to the blog if possible and my Name (Grainne Evans) as author. It sounds like a great project good luck. x

      • May I use this for my Breastfeeding Peer Supporter graduation ceremony? I’m putting together a collage of my pics but can’t write a poem as good as this! Will credit you and post a link xx

  1. Hi,Grainne .I wonder if i can post your poem (with your name and the link back to this blog ) for promoting breast feeding on a facebook fan page?

  2. so beautifully written, really sums up what b/f is about. might even help explain to other mums to be why b/f is so brilliant. amazing.

  3. May I share this poem in a presentation about breastmilk I am making? Full credit and link will be provided. Thank you! KZ

  4. Thanks for the lovely poem on breastfeeding. I would like to ask permission to use it as a literary entry in one of our contests in school?

    I am blessed to read your thoughts.

    Thank you

  5. Thank you for your beautiful words. Much needed today. I live in an area where a lot of people seem to frown upon breastfeeding or feel its shameful to express the need to teach our mothers how important it is and the beauty behind why. Thank you. I wish I could share your poem.

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