I Wear My Baby


I Wear My Baby.


I wear my baby in a sling.

For travelling it’s our favourite thing,

From buses and trains to stairs and shops,

Babywearing means we don’t have to stop.


I wear my baby in a wrap,

It’s perfect when little one needs a nap.

So whether out and about or cooking the dinner,

Babe’s sound asleep and I’m onto a winner.


I wear my baby when we’re out walking,

No wheels or handles? Now we’re talking!

Rough roads, cobble stones or through a tight squeeze,

Wearing my baby means we manage with ease.


I wear my baby on my back,

There’s so many ways, I can hardly keep track.

Short wraps and long ones, buckles and rings,

Spots, stripes and patterns, what versatile things.


I wear my baby in the rain,

Pushing a buggy with a brolly’s just such a pain.

It’s easy to keep us both lovely and dry,

When baby’s wrapped cosy and carried up high.


I wear my baby so when she needs nursed,

A slight adjustment means she can quench her own thirst.

Feeding baby’s a doddle when you’re all that they need,

Wherever you are, your baby can feed.


I wear my baby and I’m proud,

To be part of a global babywearing crowd.

Across the whole world and in every place,

We wear our babies, ‘cos it’s where they feel safe.


I wear my baby because you see,

It’s really where they’re supposed to be.

As old as time, it’s not one of those ‘fads’

And who doesn’t love to see babywearing Dads!.


I wear my baby ‘cos she loves to be sung,

And I love it too, it’s like wearing a hug.

I know in the future that I’ll dearly miss,

When I wore her close, close enough to kiss.




Do you have a favourite baby carrier or sling? I love hearing from readers so please share your favourite thing about babywearing in the comments below 🙂

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    • Thanks Christine! Its one of the things i’m most looking forward to when baby arrives too. I didn’t really get to wear either of mine as newborns and cant wait to wrap him/her up and smell that wee head :)) x

  1. Awesome poem. LOVE babywearing. Only got two wraps so far(funds being the reason for that lol)but we love our didy jungle and gira amitola creme weft. But there are so many gorgeous wraps and so little time and so few pennies with which to try them all 😀 x

    • Thanks! I know exactly what you mean about the wrap-addiction.lol Our third baby is due in Feb and as we already have girls and boys clothes i’m wondering if people would mind donating to my ‘new baby wrap fund’ instead of buying clothes!! 😀 xx

  2. i wear my baby we go for nature walks and go to the store i wear her at home too it is easy to breast feed her she is close to my heart that she knows so well from being in my tummy for nine months and my body warmth that keeps her warm and calm she loves being in her wrap close to mommy and i love her being there too

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  5. What a beautiful collection of poems! I enjoyed each one and i’m heart-warmed after reading them… almost as heartwarmed as when I carry my baby in a sling! Hats off to you and your family! How is Baby T doing? Have they started the surgery to insert a nose-shaped implant? I also just want to say that she is absolùtely gorgeous! What a beautiful little girl! And her brother and sister are just as beautiful. Enjoy them!

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