Please listen up ladies and tell me if you’ve heard,

Of this amazingly important and vital little word.

And help me spread its message, for it’s not well known you see,

And it could make all the difference if you’re a Mum-To-Be.


DOULA‘s are the secret of which I wish everyone knew,

So let me answer the big question; “Just What Does a Doula Do?

A Doula is a lady who has trained and made a choice,

To empower birthing women and to give their needs a voice.


If babies had a say in things, if they could choose their birth,

They’d want the arms of one they love to welcome them to Earth.

Doulas work beside you to keep the odds stacked in your favour,

She’ll help to keep you calm and focused through your experience of labour.


Dads and partners needn’t worry, she’s not there to take your role.

Instead she’ll encourage and support your family as a whole.

If naturally the thought of birth leaves you overwhelmed and under pressure,

Find a Doula who can help you make it a memory to treasure.


They’re trained to know the options and ensure you know your rights,

They can help you make a Birth Plan to keep your birthing goals in sight.

She’ll be with you when you need her or respect your wish to be alone,

She’ll be your advocate and ally, whether in hospital or at home.


So whatever else is on your mind if you’re going to have a baby,

There’s one thing on your To-Do-List that shouldn’t be a maybe,

Make a Doula a priority and not a last resort,

Don’t deny yourself the gift of their guidance and support.


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  1. Lovely! My home birth midwife was as a doula to me, but I know some ladies prefer a separate doula. Great senitments, more people need to know about these fab ladies!

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  3. This is super beautiful! I found this photo on pinterest and used it on my website. I am taking a class right now on art and the law and realized I may be using it illegally. Can you tell me if the artwork is copyrighted? If it is, I can take it down, or if you would like credit (if this is your art) I can absolutely do that too. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Hannah, thanks for your message. The beautiful artwork isn’t mine and unfortunately i couldn’t find a source for it when i posted either. I saw it used in various places. Please let me know if you can find out more about it or feel I should remove it. Thank you x

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