A Quick Background;

I am a 32 year old, full-time mummy to three gorgeous kiddos. I have a sweet natured, but increasingly rambunctious and hilarious almost 6 year old boy who looks just like his daddy and has the most beautiful brown eyes I’ve ever seen and a spirited, determined, capable and independent 4 and a half year old daughter with chameleon eyes and tumbling curls. And an amazing baby girl who was born 2 and a half years ago with a rare congenital condition that means she doesn’t have a nose.  She is sweet, cuddly and funny ….and stronger and braver than than i could ever have imagined.

My husband (the Canadian) and I have been married for 7 years. We live in a small town in N. Ireland.

Needless to say the last 6 years have been like no others in my life and there are parts I cannot recall with great clarity as my mind has blocked them for my own sanity.


About the Blog;

I started this little blog by accident after writing a poem about the Facebook protests against their deletion of breastfeeding photos ; An Edible Pact proved popular and when I wrote a second poem a friend suggested I needed somewhere to keep them so I could share and ‘The Breast of Rhymes’ was born.

I continue to write to encourage positive expression about the things I am most passionate about. It is my hope that by helping to fill the world with positive imagery and verse (no-matter how silly) that it will in some small way contribute to an overall effect and help normalise views of birth and breastfeeding and turn the tide against the discrimination and fear surrounding these topics.


I am what I would consider an attachment parent.  I am passionate about all things birth and breastfeeding and have been lucky to be able to continue to breastfeed my daughter through this pregnancy. I am a huge fan of babywearing (with an ever-growing collection a slings, wraps and carriers) and co-sleep as much as possible.  I want to raise my children with love and respect and for them to never doubt how important they are to me and the world.


3 Random Facts;

* I have never been able to whistle (something I learned chimps can’t do either) I’m not sure what that says about me!

*When my sister was born, I (aged 5) genuinely wanted to call her ‘Henry Kelly’ after my favourite quiz show host.

*I have a wonderfully large and diverse extended family, (at least 30 first cousins) with an inspiring mix of religions, sexual orientations and life philosophies who have taught me to value difference and be proud of who I am.


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  1. Oh I’m so glad you said yes, as I forgot that I asked, was dying to share so put a poem up a few days ago! Hope you don’t mind. There was a fantastic response to the poem (bedtime baby), so can’t wait to share more x

  2. I am so thrilled to find yet another breastfeeding poet! I love your work. I have written a book full of songs about BF and related topics, and wonder whether you’ve seen it. It’s called Fit to Bust, it’s raising funds for Baby Milk Action, and you can read about it on my Facebook page, or on http://www.linkable.biz. Do let’s share our passion!

    • Alison thank you so much for your comment! You have really made my day! I am of course familiar with your wonderful book. Our local LLL group library has a copy 🙂 I love it and it’s exactly the kind of thing that was missing from BFing literature; fun and celebration! 😀 I am over the moon that you have read and like my little poems. I hope we can keep in touch. Gx

  3. I love your page – May I share your rhymes on a poster to promote our breastfeeding support group. Right now we are tackling toddler nursing. we have many moms (myself included) that are nursing toddlers some to almost 3 yrs old now! I am putting together a poster of thier photos and would like to include your poem. Thank you for sharing your work!

  4. I was delighted to come across your website and read all the lovely poems you have written on breastfeeding. In particular, I was very touched by the “More than Milk” poem. It just captured the very social, emotional, developmental, and health benefits of breastfeeding. I am nurse who works in Maryland, USA and the program I work for is planning a celebration for breastfeeding moms. We would like to ask your permission to recite the “More than Milk” poem and also create bookmarks with the poem as a gift.

    Thank you so much for those gifted words.


    • I am honoured that you want to use my poem in this way!! You happily have my permission to use ‘More than milk’ I would appreciate acknowledgement as author and perhaps a mention of the blog ‘The Breast of Rhymes’. I hope your celebration is a success.

      Much love,

      • Thank you very much. We are delighted to be able to use your work. Can you send me by email (tanncole@yahoo.com) the correct information that needs to be noted for acknowledgement and for your blog? May we also give background information on you as the writer of the poem and creator of the blog as it is listed on the here on the website?

        With Gratitude,

  5. Hi I have just stumbled across your site and can’t believe I havent before. I love the poem what is breastfeeding and hoped you might let me use it on our Facebook page Get Wirral Breastfeeding. I work for theNHS and as you will see from the site we are working hard to encourage women to feed and be powerful. I would like to use the poem, credited of course, as a Mothers Day post which is tomorrow in the UK. We are also home of the Breast Start App so hopefully all working together we can get back to whT nature intended! Thank you for your work. Clare

    • Hi Clare thank you so much i’m delighted to hear you like the poems and i’d be thrilled if you used it on the page. I’d love a link back to the blog but it doesn’t have to be with the Mothers Day post. . Thanks for asking and for all the work you do too!

  6. Hi there! I hope this is still an active account.I work as a breastfeeding peer counselor for WIC. I wanted to ask if it is ok to print copies of some of your poems too share with my breastfeeding support group? I know they would love them! You are very talented:)

  7. Hi. I had a little boy in 2014 that needed SCBU for a few weeks and your Pumping poem was on the back of the door of our pumping room. I must have read your poem a thousand or more times in those weeks and in the tough times it helped get me through. I totally forgot to take a picture when we left but having googled a few options I came across your page and I just wanted to say thank you. Xx

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